What is Employment First?

Employment First is the policy of the state; whereas, competitive and integrated employment shall be considered the first option when serving persons with disabilities who are of working age to obtain employment. Employment First applies to programs and services that provide services and support to help obtain employment for persons with disabilities.


  1. Beth Jones

    Beth Jones
    Beth Jones, originally from Cheyenne, has been working as an office aide at the Wyoming Institute for Disabilities at the University of Wyoming for nine years.

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  2. Jennifer

    Jennifer is a very bright and outgoing young lady who always dreamed of working with books. During her years in high school Jennifer explored various places to work in her community but never found the right fit.

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  3. Tess Robinson

    Tess Robinson
    For Tess Robinson, what began as a cafeteria aide has evolved in to the activity director's assistant. She still helps in the cafeteria and knows most of the senior participants by name.

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  4. Tim

    One of Tim's next goals was to have a job in the community. Tim went through the DVR process and was able to get a job at Goodwill Industries in Cheyenne.

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Job Seekers

The Job Seeker section provides state and national resources to assist Wyoming citizens as they seek employment opportunities.

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Employers can utilize these resources to learn about the benefits of hiring people with disabilities, how to foster inclusion in the workplace, how they can support an employee with a disability, information about relevant tax credits, local area disability resources, and other topics related to disability and employment.

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Providers that support and assist individuals with disabilities to obtain and maintain employment must have a vast understanding of employment from all perspectives. They must be able to educate the individuals they support on the benefits and rights of employees with disabilities.

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